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  1. Embryology Certification & ICSI- PGD Certificate
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  2. Lab-Less IUI Kit
    TRAVAIL- is designed to process spermatozoa without any laboratory facilities. Travail gives an opportunity to healthcare professionals to broaden their treatment horizons without any extra investment. 

    Intra Uterine Insemination is the first-line treatment towards infertility. Because of the unavailability of services patients are either postponing or ignoring the treatment on right time which eventually turns into more complicated as the age advances. 
    Medical Interventions​​ in collaboration with American College of Embryology offering a wide range of certifications for Embryologists and ART laboratory. 
    It's a fantastic opportunity for Indian embryologists to get an international certificate for the career escalation. ICSI Proficient / PGD proficient certificates are completely unique and are with EMBCOL. 
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  2. American College of Embryology
About Us
We would like to bring the options that can change the world's perspective of looking at things. They might be simple but can do a great job just like our first launch TRAVAIL lab-less IUI kit. The science behind the TRAVAIL is simple but it can help hundreds of thousands of people in India who doesn't have availability & accessibility of treatment options. 

We are also into laboratory set-ups for assisted reproductive technologies with our clear views on sterility, prevention of contamination & environment modulation for improving the laboratory performance on embryo/blastocyst culturing. We also developed robust technology for integrated heating systems in laminar flow hoods which is a value edition to our Indian makes. 

Other areas of our interest include analytics , Total Quality Management & CO2 capturing devices that would help to predict the outcomes of infertility treatments. Finally, we at Medical Interventions ensure that new techniques & concepts that matter most will take shape here. 
Hope you will find us interesting & methodical in serving healthcare segment where you love to perform. 

2016, Sept
We launched an EMBRYOLOGY CERTIFICATION program: that can certifyEmbryologists from various backgrounds of science with reference to their live skills of ICSI & PGD from American College of Embryology. Please refer to the certification page for more details.