A New Generation Medical Records Exclusively for IVF practice. You will be more organised with  'CLINICAL DATA-MI' with its features, v.i.z   ​Updates on the Go, Multi-user operations on the same case record, Live Feed from the camera connected to Microscopes, Convenience app ...etc. Share your case records Securely with your colleagues or associates for review. 
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Embryology Training

Two Verticles & Two Modules

1. Scientific -                a). Basic Embryology (IVF & ICSI)                                           b). Expert ICSI Training
2. Non-Scientific         a). Paramedical Staff training on Lab maintenace              b). Training on IUI Techniques
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Setting up an IVF Lab

We concentrate more on designing your lab to handle the expected workload whilst maintaining the absolute sterility. Embryology lab is all about maintaining the sterility. Our design and equipment models (not makes) are to fulfill your objective of keeping the lab. 

Listed Services:
1. Lab Design & Guidance 
2. Operational Architecture- Complete Business Support for 1 Yr   
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