Excubating Start up IVF Centres in India
This excubation programme offers customised Training for Start-Up IVF Centres.

Minimum Requirements:
Clinician: MBBS, DGO or MD or any other equivalent degrees 
Embryologist: MSc in Life Sciences (microbiology, biotechnology,..etc)

Write an e-mail including the name of the applicant, name of the organization, contact number, and address to [email protected]

Currently offering this service in India only
Highlights of the Programme:

  • What you have to know to Get the successful Outcomes of ART treatment
  • How to set a Protocol for COS
  • Milestones in ART Cycles
  • Handholding in Follicular Aspiration & ET
  • Troubleshooting Clinical & Embryology Lab Issues
  • Key points on patient Counselling 
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for daily routines
Our Strengths:

  • Infertility specialists with 20+ years of experience in ART
  • Certified Embryologists from International Standards
  • Predefined Modules for Start-Up IVF Centres
Disclaimer: Opting for ARTist programme is your personal choice. We guarantee 100% delivery of our programme within the time-lines. The training that we are providing happens during your live cases in your facility.

Unlike other training programmes, it is not the observership. Our experienced doctors will ensure all your live cases go smooth while they provide hands-on training for you. 

Many of the doctors who finished the observership are unable to practice on their own. ARTist programme will make you cross this barrier in typically 4 sessions. When you plan your training sessions please do not post more than 3 cases as that can make your training less effective. 

Please keep the objective of learning the skills. This programme is designed to deliver the knowledge that you need for your practicing on your own.   
How to request the Service: 

  1. Confirm your ARTist programme with our agent. 
  2. Plan for a batch of 2 or 3 patients. Share the details from the D2 onwards. 
  3. We will share the training schedule once give the trigger. 
  4. Repeat step.2 & 3 for next 3 sessions.

Training modules & details will be mailed to you after confirmation of the programme. 

E-mail: ​​​​ [email protected]