We are aimed to innovate new comfort levels for you in ART treatments. 

Travail-H is a new joiner in Travail Family. Like Travail, Travail-H is also an office based procedure. It offers a simple approach to sperm preparation for IUI as well as IVF/ICSI. 

Products like TRAVAIL gives you an ease of doing IUI in office-based set-ups rather waiting to establish an IUI lab for offering the services. 

Clinical Data -MI offers a standard recording facility for all your IVF case details that can be accessible from anywhere and any device. Two mobile applications were designed to provide the access to the database from android or ios mobile devices.  

MetaDew is one of its own kind. It offers the comfort of analysing your case with more than 200 parameters with least to highest priority. MetaDew has a potential to improve your success rate just by a single click.  

LabChest is a smart Laminar Airflow System that can be operated remotely and provides seamless transmission of video from the stereo zoom microscope and micro manipulator. 

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