Travail-H is a new joiner in Travail Family. Like Travail, Travail-H is also an office based procedure. It offers a simple approach to sperm preparation for IUI as well as IVF/ICSI. 

Travail H is named after its formula HBSS. This balanced salt solution dispensed into the Swim-up Device in 10X concentration. It has to be diluted with 1.8ml of water for injection (w.f.i.) before use. The 10X doesn't require the antibiotics for its long storage which is beneficial for ART as there won't be any negative effects of antibiotics on the endometrium when inseminated volumes larger than 40 micro Lts. 
Travail & Travail-H contains a swim-up device that has a built-in septa for carrying out the procedure in aseptic manner. Device is of borosilicate construction and biologically inert. Septa made of PTFE is the finest quality of its range which ensures longer durability.
The peculier advantages with either Travail or Travail H over conventional methods of sperm preparation is​ highly progressive sperms are being captured in the swim-up fraction efficiently as ther other procedures loose them in supernatant. 
Travail-H can be stored at room temperature and can should be brought to 37oC after reconstitution at least 30 mins before the swim-up procedure. Please refer to ‘Procedure Manual’ for complete instructions. 
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